Business Cards on Floor Free Mockup



Imagine this: You’re a business owner attending a networking event, armed with your perfectly designed business cards. You confidently approach potential clients and hand them your card, hoping to make a lasting impression. But what if your card could stand out even more? What if it could literally stand on its own, catching the eye of anyone who walks by? That’s where the Business Cards on Floor Free Mockup comes in. This innovative tool allows you to showcase your business cards in a unique way, by placing them on a realistic mockup of a hardwood floor. The cards appear to be floating above the surface, giving them a 3D effect that’s sure to grab attention. Not only does this make for a great visual display, but it also helps to convey your brand’s creativity and innovation. So why settle for a regular business card when you can make a statement with the Business Cards on Floor Free Mockup?

Free for both personal and commercial purposes

Format: 3 PSD files
Dimensions: 2800 x 3500 px
Size: 104 Mb


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