Hardcover Book on Wooden Stool Free Mockup



Introducing our Hardcover Book on Wooden Stool Free Mockup is a stunning and versatile resource for showcasing your book designs in a realistic and captivating manner. This mockup features a high-quality hardcover book elegantly placed on a rustic wooden stool, creating a visually appealing composition. Whether you’re a book designer, author, or marketer, this mockup is the perfect tool to present your book covers, illustrations, or layouts with professionalism and style.

The carefully crafted details of the wooden stool and the authentic textures of the hardcover book lend an air of authenticity and sophistication to your mockup presentations. With its realistic shadows, lighting, and perspective, this mockup ensures that your book designs stand out and make a lasting impression on viewers.

Free for both personal and commercial purposes

Format: 1 PSD file
Dimensions: 4500 x 3200 px
Size: 40 Mb


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