Medicine Mini Bottle Free Mockup



The Medicine Mini Bottle Free Mockup is a stunning digital representation of a lifesaving elixir that’s been condensed into a pint-sized package. This high-quality mockup offers a crystal-clear view of the bottle’s intricate details, from the text on the label to the precise curvature of the cap. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company looking to showcase your latest product or a designer seeking to add a touch of realism to your portfolio, this mockup is a must-have tool that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. With its striking visual appeal and impeccable attention to detail, the Medicine Mini Bottle Free Mockup is the perfect way to elevate your brand or project to new heights.

Free for both personal and commercial purposes

Format: 1 PSD file
Dimensions: 4500 x 3000 px
Size: 65 Mb


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